Cayden Ryan made a sandwich

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well today I made a sandwich (along with a full days work on keywords and links). Now I’m not talking about your average everyday sandwich, I’m talking about the Big Mac of flat-bread organic sandwiches.
This thing was layered with real Wisconsin cheddar, roasted turkey breast, Hellman’s mayonnaise, I mean this thing was even on honey wheat sandwich flats. I took one bite into this masterpiece of heavenly proportions and thought about every single flavor as it exploded into my mouth in a cascade of imaginations. WOW!

Anyways, about my day today, I worked at home today because my uncle had some business meetings to attend to. I learned how to search for the top, say 5000 sites to try to get links to, and i think its a long process, lol. But my uncle reassures me that it’s all worth it when your site ranks. That was pretty fun.

This evening I went to Solanco basketball games, that was interesting, there were some points when I seriously thought about leaving the ref in a mist of verbs and nouns that shouldn’t be coming out of mouths. Apparently he needs glasses. Like seriously, elbow to face equals foul, not continue game with no call. GRRRRRR!!!!
But on another note, I need to go make my bed and sleep. So…. Goodnight everyone, talk tomorrow.

Cayden Ryan at a desk

I am sitting at a desk


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