Facebook no longer likes Cayden Ryan… LOL

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Life
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So today me and my uncle took his car in to get serviced, they lent us this completely awesome A3, I’m considering buying one sometime. So we went to work, I did some pretty intense stuff. Bought another one of those AMAZING subs from subway. LOL It was incredible, once again.

Then we went and watched my cousins basketball game. The ref had absolutely no idea what he was doing and ended up making me and my uncle pretty ticked. But hey its life right?

I got home and ate some pizza, YUM! Then i decided to wipe all my facebook friends out and start over, I only want people who pay attention to my facebook on it. Well a couple people have re-added me but most haven’t and that’s ok with me. Also apparently when you delete several hundred friends at once facebook gets extremely angry at you and doesn’t let you add people to your friends list for awhile. This is also ok with me because I decided people can add me not vice versa.

Anyways… I think I’m going to go to bed tonight looking forward to my bright future.


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