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Cayden Ryan may need Glasses once Again

Cayden Ryan 's future glassesWell, today was a good day, think I need glasses though, that’s always a bummer. I got up, wen to work with my uncle and started my day off getting the numbers of website’s owners to contact them. I’ll probably call them tomorrow and try to negotiate a deal with them. It’s actually a pretty exciting idea. I can’t wait to get started on this project, the website I’ll be working on is pretty cool, the images are easy to edit, and the site in general has alot of potential for improvement. I want to rank the site as high as I can. My uncle keeps telling me I can do it, so I’m ready to prove him right.

Tang and Cherry Steaks, by Cayden

Thought of a delicious recipe today: Roast orange rinds on cherry planks, to be served with my special cinnamon steaks and a drizzle of a sweet tangy sauce. Yummy! I thought of it while driving actually, weird right?

Anyways… No subway for lunch today, just McDonalds.


So today me and my uncle took his car in to get serviced, they lent us this completely awesome A3, I’m considering buying one sometime. So we went to work, I did some pretty intense stuff. Bought another one of those AMAZING subs from subway. LOL It was incredible, once again.

Then we went and watched my cousins basketball game. The ref had absolutely no idea what he was doing and ended up making me and my uncle pretty ticked. But hey its life right?

I got home and ate some pizza, YUM! Then i decided to wipe all my facebook friends out and start over, I only want people who pay attention to my facebook on it. Well a couple people have re-added me but most haven’t and that’s ok with me. Also apparently when you delete several hundred friends at once facebook gets extremely angry at you and doesn’t let you add people to your friends list for awhile. This is also ok with me because I decided people can add me not vice versa.

Anyways… I think I’m going to go to bed tonight looking forward to my bright future.

I am officially starting this blog to tell my story, including the job I started last Monday. I have worked there nearly two weeks and it couldn’t be better, I work with a great group of people.
However this blog is NOT supposed to be boring. It’s supposed to be my life, on paper, well on the internet. It’s mostly the things i find worth sharing…
Cayden RyanToday started out like any “normal” day, I got up, ate a clementine and brushed my teeth… BAD CHOICE!!!! It left that unpleasant taste in my mouth, you know the one. Citrus, toothpaste… you get the picture. After that I finished getting dressed, which is probably a good idea because I went into the office today. I started the car, which was cold, apparently when winter comes things get a little colder than normal. Well then me and my uncle left for work. Got to work still half asleep as most eighteen year old guys would be at 8:15 am. Went to a meeting at 8:30 on our health care coverage. Went great, wow this is boring…
Ate an AMAZING sub from subway for lunch. EAT FRESH!! That sweet onion sauce is extremely good!
After lunch I continued writing articles and working on websites. It’s a cool job actually, I get to watch my work succeed. What can be better?

Copier vs. Cayden

I did have an interesting problem today. I could not figure out how to copy my daily planner. I know this seems like a stupid problem, but sometimes it’s the simply things in life that make me question. I finally called one of my coworkers over and he proceeded to help me copy my paper. WOW! He hit the “Start” button and it worked… boy did I feel stupid…

My uncle then decided to go work at Panera Bread, they have free wi-fi. That’s that great thing about working on the internet as a career, you can work anywhere with a plug and wi-fi. The internet kept on bugging out so we picked my cousins up and went home.
I made dinner, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and carrots with brown sugar sauce. It was good.
After supper I put my little cousins to bed, red them green eggs and ham and now I’m blogging.

Talk to everyone tomorrow