I am officially starting this blog to tell my story, including the job I started last Monday. I have worked there nearly two weeks and it couldn’t be better, I work with a great group of people.
However this blog is NOT supposed to be boring. It’s supposed to be my life, on paper, well on the internet. It’s mostly the things i find worth sharing…
Cayden RyanToday started out like any “normal” day, I got up, ate a clementine and brushed my teeth… BAD CHOICE!!!! It left that unpleasant taste in my mouth, you know the one. Citrus, toothpaste… you get the picture. After that I finished getting dressed, which is probably a good idea because I went into the office today. I started the car, which was cold, apparently when winter comes things get a little colder than normal. Well then me and my uncle left for work. Got to work still half asleep as most eighteen year old guys would be at 8:15 am. Went to a meeting at 8:30 on our health care coverage. Went great, wow this is boring…
Ate an AMAZING sub from subway for lunch. EAT FRESH!! That sweet onion sauce is extremely good!
After lunch I continued writing articles and working on websites. It’s a cool job actually, I get to watch my work succeed. What can be better?

Copier vs. Cayden

I did have an interesting problem today. I could not figure out how to copy my daily planner. I know this seems like a stupid problem, but sometimes it’s the simply things in life that make me question. I finally called one of my coworkers over and he proceeded to help me copy my paper. WOW! He hit the “Start” button and it worked… boy did I feel stupid…

My uncle then decided to go work at Panera Bread, they have free wi-fi. That’s that great thing about working on the internet as a career, you can work anywhere with a plug and wi-fi. The internet kept on bugging out so we picked my cousins up and went home.
I made dinner, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and carrots with brown sugar sauce. It was good.
After supper I put my little cousins to bed, red them green eggs and ham and now I’m blogging.

Talk to everyone tomorrow